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Extra Large Gem Tree 320 Stones of Moss agate

Extra Large Gem Tree 320 Stones of Moss agate

SKU: OGemT-12

Gemstone Tree with Organite Base - 320 Stone - Moss Agate

These gemstone crystal trees with an Orgonite base are vibrant, colourful, and would energize any room you'd place them in.  The orgonite base is in the shape of a pyramid and filled with the same natural crystals that are on the tree. 

Something simply beautiful like a gemstone tree can create a space where energy can freely flow and also attract good things!  Gemstone trees are made from natural/untreated rock crystals because they bring a stronger quality of energy As to the number and the shape of crystals on the tree, the more crystals, the better! After all, the tree symbolizes stability, growth, as well as a long life blessed with abundance.

Gemstone Trees are handmade from real gemstones and mounted on orgonite bases so their shape and size may vary.

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