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Cold & Flu Bath Spa Set

Cold & Flu Bath Spa Set

SKU: SSSet-04

Turn your bathroom into a small spa every evening with this Cold & Flu Wild Hare Salt & Flowers Set. An ordinary bath will become a ritual for body and soul. In elegant gift boxes you will find colour-matched:

- Bath Salt 350g (Eucalyptus, Ginger & Black Pepper)

- 8 Soap Roses

- 8 Soap Sunflowers

Combination of natural salt and essential oils will provide exceptional aromatheraueptic experience. Unique aroma blends have a stimulating, relaxing, detoxifying or warming effect. Luxurious soap flowers petals, delicately melting in warm water for s little bit of luxury.

Ideal for many occasions, like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. Beautiful and practical!

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