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Not Just For Kids!

It's funny as we grow up we leave what we consider to be 'childish things' behind. Usually because someone else told us to. Maybe school told us to get a sensible job or our parents told us not to waste our time doing something we loved. Whatever the reason it's surprising how many people tell me that they haven't done anything 'creative' since they were a child.

It's a real pity since 50% of ALL new jobs are in the creative sector! (Useful if you want to give kids some job pointers). Well that's on the 'sensible' front. But what is sensible? Ignoring what you truly love in life just because someone else told you to? Is that sensible?

Following our hearts desire is 'not just for kids'. Having fun isn't the preserve of the young! Why should we not do the things we enjoy? Being creative can make us so much happier ... and let's face the world is a lot nicer place to be when you're happy.

The bird you see here was done by a mum who popped into the shop with her son. They spent all afternoon being creative, spending quality time together and had some lovely things to take home at the end of it. What's nicer than that?


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