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Indian Summer and Harvest Festival

Well the holidays have flown away. Where did the time go? Still never mind, there is still fun to be had this September a time of harvest and lazy balmy sunny days. To celebrate we have an Indian Summer Theme for crafts and our shop window is full of beautiful Fair Trade Indian gifts. We have lots of fun in store too at Kids Creative and Teen Space as well as for toddlers.

There is lots to harvest this month including mushrooms and toadstools too. We have a lovely crop of toadstools for you to pick for your gardens. Handmade in English porcelain we think they are gorgeous.

The faeries in particular are very fond of them so if you want to encourage some nature spirits to live with you look after your garden and maybe put some of these toadstools in. :-)

It's harvest festival and time to give thanks. The nights are drawing in but it is a wonderful time to go walking and connecting with the wild world. Mother Nature has made a wonderful magical & beautiful world. We are lucky to have it so lets make the most of it. x


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