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Dragon Baubles

Dragons are wonderful at any time of the year but I absolutely love these dragon baubles made by Aelia Petro who is a huge fan of dragons and has created many stunning ones in all forms on her Etsy shop.

The baubles come in lots of different colours and they have tiny little dragons hugging them as if they were their own eggs.

Pretty and sparkly they are the ultimate eye candy. I'd be quite happy hanging one of these all year round. They look cute guarding their treasures.

I have a Facebook group called Dragons of the British Isles you are welcome to join. :-) I'm slowly transferring my dragon archive in to the blog so keep an eye for more. You are welcome to subscribe.

I hope you have some lovely dragons friends to keep you company over Christmas.

Amanda x

PS If you love history, culture, landscape you might like to join me for my tours, you can find them on my workshop page.


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