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9 Facts about burning sage

The Practise of Using Sage For Burning As Incense Is An Ancient Tradition.

Here are 9 sage burning facts, Some of Which You May Not Know:

1. In Greece they use big bundles of sage where it has been used in rituals since the ancient Minoans, and of course most people know has been used by Native Americans since ancient times.

2. Many combine singing bowls with Smudging Rituals.

3. Smoke and incense has been regarded as spiritually powerful in many cultures across the world for thousands of years so it really is an ancient practice.

4. Witches, shamans, holy-men and mystics commonly burned sacred plants and used their smoke to ascend to the heavens. It is a way to connect the material and spiritual worlds.

5. People do smudging typically before or after a significant events, such as moving into a new house, weddings, birthdays etc. To protect, to balance, to clear. It’s a perfect gift for a special occasion.

6. In many traditions, smudging involves a four directions ceremony or prayer, i.e. sending smoke or prayers to the four points of the compass.

7. The Romans considered Sage a sacred herb and associated it with Wisdom.

8. My Smudge sticks are the real deal, sustainably sourced and hand made in Mexico and California.

9. My Smudge sticks, as with my other products, fund tree planting with Ancient and Sacred Trees.

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