Established 2013 backed by 20 years experience.

Kids Create! 

Let your children become more positive, confident and expressive whilst developing their communication and creative skills. Model making, painting, textiles, candle making, decoupage etc. Set their creative nature free!

Babies n Toddlers

Lots of things for the little ones to do. Plus many thoughtful extras to make it extra fun for them and  hassle free for you. Great at entertaining and experienced in the art of turning tantrums into smiles. :-)

Teen Scene

 Lots of things for you to do.  We're friendly & we don't bite!  :-)

lso help with homework & GCSE, A Level projects from Amanda a qualified Artist & Teacher with many years experience.

Chat, Chill, Create!


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"That was fun" daughter's comment as we left Amanda JackintheGreen To me, that says it all.....took me 20 mins to get her to leave. She has done art all afternoon since being home. Can't wait for next week. Amazing range of arts + crafts, wonderful environment that feels like a big hug, and Amanda, Jasmine + Bella who couldn't be more welcoming, encouraging and lovely. 5/5 Sharon Adele Ireland

Pottery painting & crafty fun in South Cheshire!

"Brilliant for kids who love art & craft. My daughter and her friend love it. Great for all ages & Bella the dog is gorgeous - she makes your visit extra special. " Caroline Longshaw


"Super fantastic shop me and my daughter loved decorating a miniature plate and a door letter today. Super friendly staff too very pleased with our visit today just about to put our plate in the oven with one over excited 7year old waiting impatiently thanks again :-)" Jemma Louise Kearns claire (Jack In The Green

We aim to celebrate the good life and to tread lightly on the earth. We reuse, recycle and repurpose as much as we can and this includes in our art activities for children too! 

One to one sessions are available for those who need extra tuition to help with exams or other projects. In addition, Amanda has worked with a range of special needs including Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, EBSD, etc.​