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Living Shrines

Blessings and Ceremonies

Living Shrines

Amanda creates these shrines using plants, crystals and more. Each miniature shrine garden is blessed and offerings are incorporated into each one. They are a gift to the world.


Commissions can be taken. Amanda works in partnership with you to create the perfect miniature shrine garden to bless your life. Handmade elements are often included as well as crystals, charms etc. A written blessing is also included for you to keep.

Blessing And Gifting

Sessions can be booked to work one to one with Amanda to co-create shrine gardens.

These sessions are tailored to individual needs. They include:

  • Divining what is needed.

  • Choosing what will go into the shrine garden

  • Crafting Treasures

  • Charging crystals and other items.

  • The art of offerings and what to gift.

  • Blessings and the art of eloquence,

  • Speaking ones truth.

  • Connecting with the divine within and without.

  • Building and planting the garden with awareness.

  • Finally a dedication and blessing ceremony.


Please note Miniature Shrine Gardens are unique to Amanda and you will not find anyone else offering this unique and very special service in Britain. As far as we are aware this is unique anywhere in the world.

Living Growing Truth - How can these shrines be used?

Amanda has created gardens for birthdays, wedding alters, graves, memorials, shrines to love & more.


They are an excellent tool for Feng Shui. They can be used either to enhance an aspect of ones life or to complete a missing section of ones' home.


Ultimately they are a living reminder of the miracle and beauty of the world & a tool for remembering and awakening.


They are a gift to the world, honouring this moment with gratitude and blessing.

Awakening The Heart - Amanda Says...

Experience is irreplaceable. Don't take my word for it, don't take another's ... find out for yourself.

You can be shown tools that may help change your perspective and reveal this world as the miracle that it is and your place within it but ultimately you are your own locked door and the key to open it. Experiencing this world, engaging with it and not being afraid to explore within is key. Be curious and have no expectations as to the outcome.

Direct Experience is Life.

Make your own mind up, let your heart be your guide. x

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