Kathryn McFarlane – 5 stars "Had a lovely time doing craft activities, great welcome, lovely venue, like going to fairyland!"

Workshops & Courses for Teens and Adults at your venue.
Run by Amanda BA HONS PGCE

Take away the same day. 

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Decoupage is a very easy and simple technique and produces great results even for the beginner. You simply stick pieces of paper to your chosen item like this cat.

Pottery Painting

Pottery painting with a difference. Get really creative mixing colours, materials and techniques. Afterwards learn how to glaze your work for a beautiful high finish as seen in this photo. :-)

  1. Introduction to Intaglio Printmaking - Drypoint, Collograph

  2. Still Life Drawing - pencil, pen & Ink, paint, collage etc

  3. Catching the light - working with plastics

  4. Happy Shopper - Beautiful bags

  5. May King & Queen - Decorative terracotta for outside

  6. Fairy Gardens - For outdoors

  7. Homes For The Heart - Fairy Houses

  8. Artful Dodger - decoupage/collage canvases

  9. Deco Home - upcycling furniture & accessories with decoupage

  10. Love Spring - Pretty canvases

  11. Lyrical Lansdcapes - painting & poetic inspiration outdoors

  12. Masks - Venetian Style with fabrics & embellishments


50% Deposit Required

Porcelain Painting

Glazed porcelain once painted take home and bake in the oven. Washer and weather proof. Cups & saucers, plates.


Paint a Picture! Paints, beads etc for decorating!

Adult Pottery Painting & Craft  Classes & Workshops. Decoupage & More, Congleton, Cheshire
Adult art & craft classes & workshops in Cheshire & Staffordshire
Pottery painting, Jack In The Green, Congleton, Cheshire, craft, activities, Adult classes & workshops
Pottery Painting, craft shop, Cheshire,  Staffordshire, Adults, craft club, Children, Congleton
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Lots of wooden items including signs, shapes, ornaments & jewellery cabinets etc.