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Forest Heart Fellowship

Gathering in the Green Rewilding Mind, Body and Soul – Celebrating our Ancient and Sacred connections with trees for woodland, wildlife and wellbeing.

Becoming the Blessing.

This is a deeply experiential and magical journey sitting with, and learning from, the wisdom of trees and nature each month. Be supported in a community of like-minded folks gathering together with live online classes, ceremony and get togethers throughout the year.


Come on a journey through for year and a day with me, Amanda, country woman born and bred, artist, teacher, and the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees, and feed your heart and soul while doing your bit to help the planet. Every adventurer funds tree planting with Ancient and Sacred Trees - 200 tropical trees and 10 in the UK.

Feedback About Me and My Work...
Praise for Amanda Claire Vesty
Praise for Amanda Claire Vesty
Praise for Amanda Claire Vesty
Praise for Amanda C Vesty
Workshop praise for Amanda C Vesty

A Year of Adventure, Discovery and Transformation

What you get:

  1. Forest Bathing Activities

  2. Meet A New Tree Every Month

  3. Meditations and Visualisations

  4. Story Telling - the Wisdom of Trees

  5. Meet the Trees – How to identify trees in all seasons

  6. A fully supported All Day Vigil

  7. A fully supported Medicine Walk & Tree Pilgrimage

  8. The Tree House Private Forum

  9. Tree Guardians private Facebook community

  10. Making Personal Connections with Trees

  11. Celebrating our Ancient and Sacred Connections with Trees and Mother Nature.

  12. Tree Prayers and Blessing ceremonies

  13. Regular LIVE on line gatherings every month

  14. Certificate to say you have planted 210 trees in the Tropics and in the UK with Ancient and Sacred Trees


The Magic Nut Basket of Extras – just some of the extras you will get throughout the year

  1. Various creative projects

  2. Arboglyphs and culturally modified trees

  3. Ogham

  4. Reiki Healing session

  5. How to recognise Rock Art

  6. Reading the land

  7. Working with the Elements


AND a stash of gifts: CD/download 'The Music of Trees' by Geoff Robb, Book 'The Tree' by Melina Sempil Watts, and a set of hand crafted Tree Spirit Essences by Ancient and Sacred Trees founder by me, Amanda Claire Vesty.

More Feedback About Me and My Work

I am an artist (BA Hons), Teacher (PGCE) and part time MA Archaeology student. For nearly 30 years I have worked in all kinds of settings including mainstream education, special needs, higher education and adult education. I have worked with children, special needs, children in care, disaffected youth, people with mental health needs, prisoners, refugees, and numerous other communities.

I am the founder of Ancient and Sacred Trees celebrating and planting trees. It is a Not For Profit run by volunteers. 

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Love & Acceptance praise for Amanda Vest
S Georgette praise for Amanda Claire
Praise for Amanda Claire

Using photography, art, poetry, video, audio and creative writing to weave together a unique magical experience. An immersive and experiential community of live classes, discussions and meetings with indoor and outdoor activities. In the city or out in the countryside you will be part of a supportive fellowship of likeminded folks for an uplifting adventure walking the wheel of the year with trees!

If you have any questions please do free to email me with no obligation at ... that is office DOT jack in the green @ gmail .com

Be The Blessing The World Needs!

I have been asked if there will be any face to face get togethers. Given the pandemic I cannot make any promises. But if the situation allows we may possibly be able to arrange at least one informal get together as a long weekend over the summer somewhere around the Cheshire/Shropshire/Peak District border. This of course would be an informal extra separate to the course. 

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