Veils Between The Worlds

October, a time of mist and magic, silvery shrouds of spiderwebs shivering and sparkling in the sweet sun. Sun sinks and shadows stretch. The balance has tipped from day to night, to bonfires and stars. Now is the time to gather close, keep warm, swap stories and sit in front of the fire.

So often we think that the light slipping away is a time for mourning and yet there is great beauty at this time of year with leaves in russets, pinks, golds, orange, red yellow trees shimmering before their leaves finally shake free spiralling to earth.

The Celts called this time of year Seedfall so it is a time of abundance of planting seeds that sleep in the sweet Earth until Springtime. Halloween derives from Hallows Eve the night before All Saints Day in the Christian Calendar. The evening before the day being a blessed time, like Christmas Eve. This originates from pre Christian times. Hallows Eve originates from Samhain the celebration of The Ancestors and the Spirits a time when the veil between the worlds was at its thinest when offerings were made with blessings for the dearly departed as well as in thanks to the Spirit World and the Gods. It is a festival of light. Across the other side of the World the Mexicans celebrate the Day Of The Dead on 1st November, which of course starts the previous evening. They honour their ancestors and go to the cemetries where loved ones are laid to rest bringing picnics to share with the deceased.

Samhain is a Blessed time, not as so often promoted as a time for evil and fright. Here at Jack-In-The Green we have built a Crow as part of the farm scarecrow trail, he carries some bones as a reminder we will all go back to the Earth. Crow to me is a bird of wisdom and transformation.

We celebrate the Light. Come and join us we will be open every dauy in the holidays & as part of the Glebe Farm Spooktacular. A warm welcome awaits as ever. :-)

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