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Song Line

I journeyed from a place with burial mounds (now pretty much hidden) to another place, Astbury Village, with one large burial mound in the centre here in South Cheshire. On the top of which is beautiful St Mary's church dating back to Saxon times. In the churchyard is a 2000 yr old Yew Tree and inside is this Jack-In-The-Green. Both of these have been enormously inspiring for me in both my business as well as personal life.

I have taken to a daily conscious pilgrimage from my home, to where I work next door to this magical place. In fact the back of my building is almost next to the church wall. In the old days we had the deer trods, now we have roads. In some places our new roads have run through the old, destroying burial mounds and more. While these can never be replaced I am hoping that my daily journeying, in some small way, is my own personal song

line to the land and our shared history. By this mindful intention I hope to better serve the people I meet, pour new energy into this place and be a servant of love to this beautiful world of ours. x

(In 2017 I finally closed my business at this location due to the unethical business practices of the landlords. I remain inspired as ever by this holy place in the village.)


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