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Daffodil Season

Come rain or shine it's daffodil season here in Astbury Village. These happy flowers wave their trumpets triumphantly whatever the weather. Nature is bursting forth and in a matter of just a few days a green mist is appearing across the land...the goddess returns. With her she brings lambs and hares dancing in the fields, birds nesting and laying their eggs. The wheel is turning and life abounds renewed. It's a wonderful time to visit the village.

Here at Jack-In-The-Green we are celebrating the return of Spring and the lightening days with the door open more often than not savouring the fresh air after weeks of keeping it shut to keep the wild winds and rainstorms out! Folks sit around outside our door admiring the primroses and admiring the wonderful creations that come from inside made by people of all ages.

Nature is being creative and so are we.

PS Picture is by Tim Prevett, it's good isn't it?


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