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Gather your children and come and see our lovely Cheshire fairy shop with its fairy gardens, fairy doors, fairy houses, paint some magical fairy folk pottery & find your forever fairy friend!


 Fairy garden & miniature garden commissions. Please see fairy garden gallery for pics.

Tracey Benson – 5 stars "What a wonderful little place full of magic. The owners are very friendly, including Bella the dog. Joshua really enjoyed chatting about the dragons - he's got great ideas about his dragon garden he is going to create. I'm sure we'll be back to visit again soon."


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Fairy Doors In Cheshire

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Open the Fairy door to Fairy Land and welcome in the Fairy Folk! We have a huge range of fairy doors for every kind of fairy folk. We have indoor fairy doors and outdoor fairy doors. And fairy doors in all sizes shapes and colours. This is just a tiny glimpse of the massive selection of fairy doors we have at our Cheshire Shop in Congleton.

Fairy, Folk, Door, Doors, vintage, retro, Cheshire, toy, shop, Staffordshire, magic, fairies,
Dragon, fairy, magic, Cheshire, Toy, Shop, Staffordshire, Jack In The Green, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton
Dragon, fairy, Cheshire Toy Shop, Shop, Jack In The Green, Congleton, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Kids, Glebe Farm, Astbury,
Fairy Folk
Cheshire, Toy,  Shop, Fairy, Garden, Miniature, Jack In The Green, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton, Cheshire, Staffordshire,
Fairies, Congleton, Cheshire, Jack In The Green, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Children, Cheshire, Toy, Shop, Activities, Congleton, Fairy,  Fairy door, Staffordshire

Cheshire has lots of myths and stories about dragons but did you know they still roam? Here at our dragon breeding and rehoming centre© we have all sorts of dragons waiting for a home. Provided they are well fed they make wonderful pets!


They also bring good fortune, help deter burglars and host the best BBQs too. Whats not to like?


Dragons are forever!

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Fairy Houses

We have a stunning range of fairy houses! From fantasy to vintage style miniature castles & mushroms, to log cabins. They are hollow so you can put lights inside too.

Cheshire, Toy, Shop, Magic, Mushroom, Fairy, Garden, Miniature, Jack In The Green, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton, Staffordshire,

Cheshire Mermaids & Asrai

Mermaids in Cheshire? Absolutely! Don't know what an Asrai is? Well come and visit us and find out. You could come and paint a pottery mermaid or take home a little fairy frog.

To help protect nature and the water spirits you could build a small pond at home.

Fairy Blessings, Fairy Wishes, Fairy Offerings.

Apart from the marvelous magical miniature gardens and the Fairy land kits we have beautiful magic with which to love & bless the Earth and her beings.

Say hello to the fairy folk! We love nature and the fairy folk do too. Unfortunately some need a new home due to pollution and nature being under threat. You can do your bit to help them by taking one home with you or building a special place for them either in your home or out in your garden.

We have some lovely kits to help you get started.

Magic, mushroom, Fairy, Garden, Miniature, Congleton, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Cheshire Toy Shop, Staffordshire
Fairy Land Accessories

We have lots of lovely things to help your magical nature friends settle into their new homes. From toadstools, magic moss, fairy boats, crystals and starter kits.


We have a wide range of eco friendly items for outdoors in your garden as well as special things for in your home.

Magical Fairy Cards & Prints

 30% percentage of income generated is donated to eco charity.

Cheshire, Toy, Shop, Fairy, Shoes, Miniature, Garden, Magic, Jack In The Green, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton, Staffordshire, Kids, Pottery, Activities, Holidays
Cheshire, Toy, Shop, Magic, Fairy, Garden, Miniature, Jack In The Green, Glebe Farm, Astbury, Congleton, Staffordshire,
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