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Shamanic 'Bear Medicine' with Amanda Claire

Long and Deep

You will be taken on a shamanic drum journey. Bear and helper will be channelled. Very briefly, this works like this: you meet bear and I work with Bear and Buzzard. After this you will be brought back to the tipi via another drum journey. You will be given herbal tea to drink, Bear Spirit tincture and a chance to rest.  We then talk through your experience. This is partly to ensure you are fully grounded back in the day to day present, and partly to help you make sense of what ever might have occurred for you and how you are feeling. This time is in depth, intense and experiential.

This only takes place in Wild Spirit Woods, not online, not elsewhere. 

You should expect this to take up a morning, afternoon or whole evening.

Ask yourself: What do I want?, What do I need?, What will it cost me?, and What am I willing to pay?

As with all my work a tithe is paid to Mother Earth funding tree planting and protection in the UK and the Tropics.

Once you have paid please contact me to arrange the time. My fee is dependent upon your circumstances. 

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