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South Cheshire Art Club - Art and Mindfulness Group

Welcome to a brand new art group with a difference starting in February 2020. A place for like minded creatives to get together. ALL ABILITIES WELCOME to come and enjoy being creative in an easy going relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Create art works in any style, subjects and mediums you like. These can include abstracts, landscapes, animal pictures, local scenes, flower subjects etc. In the summer we can work outdoors too. If you love art come join us!

An opportunity to be creative and spend time with like minded people.


Being guided by your own personal inspirations you will be able to create your own unique art and craft pieces


Using nature as the wellspring of our inspiration group activities will take place both indoors and outside. Letting the land speak, the trees talk and the waters whisper, we will be guided by the seasons. A theme will be suggested each term or you are very welcome to follow your own creative journey.


Activities to help connect you to your creative inspiration to include forest bathing, sound healing, meditations, and more. These gentle sessions are sure to inspire the artist within you. All abilities are welcome to join from beginners to advanced.

What can you expect to gain from this group?


  1. You can explore your own range of materials and techniques at your own pace.

  2. We will explore different themes (optional) designed to develop and nurture your creativity.

  3. We will journey together to explore our creative nature and talents.

  4. We will create images inspired by nature, magic and myth, poems and positivity.

  5. We will explore a range of different activities and techniques for mindfulness and well being.

  6. You will develop and express your ideas and feelings through your creativity.

  7. You create and develop your own personal vision in a positive and supportive environment.

  8. You will gain an improved sense of wellbeing.

  9. You will gain increased feelings of inspiration, peace and happiness.

  10. You will create finished works of art you can be proud of.

  11. You will be fully supported and nurtured.

  12. You will have a positive and creative focus for your week.

  13. You will develop mindfulness aiding your peace of mind

  14. You will gain positive focus and a greater ability for concentration.



You will be part of a supportive creative community

Your stress will reduce and you will feel more relaxed

You will have access to a private online group where you can share ideas, inspiration.

You will have the chance to socialise and make new friends

You will be able to be inspired by and learn from each other

You will have a positive routine and structure to look forward to

This is not a one-off course but a ‘rolling wheel’ of fellowship & creative exploration


Once a week during term time 10 til 12. Thursdays term time 12.30 til 2.30pm. Begins Thursday 27th February 2020.

For 6 weeks block book in advance £25 unwaged or £42 waged

Run by trained artist and qualified art teacher backed by many years of practical experience.


Meeting one afternoon a week during term times for 2 hours 12.30 til 2.30pm. Bring your own materials.

In the summer time we will arrange trips out to local places.

I get a lot of pleasure helping, guiding and inspiring people. You can either follow a theme given by me or you explore your own creative path and do your own thing!


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